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The free curriculum-linked teaching resources found here will educate your pupils and get your school ready for a summer of sun-safe fun!


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School Heatwave Pack

Ages 4-11   | Resource pack | Class activities  

An exciting resource pack to help teachers prepare for heatwaves and students to understand the importance of sun protection and hydration. 

Bring Out The Sun Cream song

 4-11 | Film | Quick activity

Dance your way to a sun-ready summer!

Newsletter sun safety top tips

4-11 | Information 

We’ve put these top tips together with Macmillan Cancer Support to help keep young people safe in the sun. Download the image and include it in your school newsletter or on your website.

Case Study - Chaddlewood School

Hear Adam Jenson, a primary school teacher in Plymouth, talk about the importance of teaching health and well-being behaviours at a young age.

Sun Ready Challenge app

4-11 | Class activity, Whole-school idea | Lesson

The brand-new Soltan Sun Ready Challenge app is free to download and makes learning about sun safety fun and memorable for your pupils. Pupils complete a series of five challenges, all while learning how to stay safe in the sun.

Soltan Sun Ready: Aaron’s story

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

Watch Aaron's story about his Grandad. 

This film contains a story line that some pupils may be sensitive to.

Soltan Sun Ready: The science of sun care

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

To help students understand the health issues behind sun protection.

Soltan Sun Ready: Ciara’s story

7-11 | Film | Quick activity

Watch Ciara's story about her trip to a music festival.

Sun Ready Campaign Challenge

4-11 | Class activity, Whole-school idea | Lesson activity

Download this ready-to-use lesson and inspire your pupils to create a sun ready poster.